Meet the Women of Movable Ink: Liz Tashik

At Movable Ink, we commit to building a culture of inclusivity and broadening ourselves as we learn from one another. We have multiple employee resource groups that are integral parts of our company culture, including Movable Pink, our employee resource group that provides women, non-binary folks, and allies of Movable Ink with a community for camaraderie, empowerment, and a resource for personal and professional growth.

For International Women’s Day, we’re kicking off a brand new blog series that highlights some of the incredible women who work at Movable Ink across all of our global offices and departments. We’re starting off with Liz Tashik, a former client and power-platform user.

Liz met us when she was our lead client at House Party, an influencer marketing agency based in NY. After several years working as a power client, she made the leap over to Movable Ink as a Senior Account Manager. She is now a Director of Client Experience, managing a team of 7. She’s also become a mom twice over.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate all women in all walks of life and their accomplishments at home, in the workforce and in their communities. From industry leaders, business owners, mentors, fellow moms in my mommy groups, to my own girlfriends and mother – I’m blessed to have many female inspirations and I think International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate them all. 

How long have you been at Movable Ink, and what makes you excited about your role?

I’ve been with Movable Ink for 5 years. I manage a team of Client Experience Managers that work with world-class brands to ensure success as they create compelling visual experiences using our platform and achieve measurable ROI lifts with intelligent creative. 

As I enter my 6th year at Movable Ink, I’m excited to see the use of our technology grow well outside of email and especially in mobile. With almost 200 apps installed on my phone, I’m excited to see my personal experiences improve with personalization in the channel, and even more invigorated to help my clients achieve their personalization goals within their apps to create unified experiences across channels.

Describe the highlight of your time working at Movable Ink.

The highlight of my time at Movable Ink has been watching both the product and the people grow and mature. We’ve grown significantly since I joined in 2015, and with that growth comes the opportunity for employees to learn and sharpen new skill sets and help clients achieve new levels of success. 

I’ve been able to grow a team and am grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to hire fantastic women that I am motivated by every day. As far as the product goes, watching the Exchange come to life in the recent months and showing how easy it can be to integrate partners within our clients’ tech stacks to get the maximum benefit from your tech dollars has been a big highlight. Empowering our clients to meet and exceed their goals is always a highlight of mine in this role. 

What are some professional milestones that you’re proud of?

Not only have I been promoted twice at Movable Ink, with the opportunity to switch from an individual contributor to managing and leading a team of 7, but Movable Ink has also been with me as I’ve grown my family as well. I was lucky enough to report to one of the few moms at Movable Ink in my early years here, and she was able to give me fantastic guidance as I entered that stage in my life. 

The transition to working mom is no easy feat, but Movable Ink is an extremely family-friendly workplace that has definitely given me the flexibility I need to take care of my family and excel in my role. I’m proud to see many women make this transition now and love supporting them along the way. I’m also super proud and excited to be an inspiration to both my son and daughter and show them what it looks like to follow your dreams both in and out of the home.  

What does Movable Pink mean to you as a resource at Movable Ink?

Movable Pink has been a wonderful resource for me. It’s given me an outlet to talk about issues of women in the workplace, share ideas around growth and also has given me an opportunity to mentor many women at Movable Ink, which I value greatly. 

It’s very nice to hear the stories of other women in our company and in the industry and hear their victories, struggles, and challenges to learn from but also to know that you’re not alone. I also appreciate the diversity at Movable Ink. Even within Movable Pink, I’m able to hear stories from women with so many different backgrounds, it’s truly enlightening. 

What are you excited about for 2020 as it relates to Movable Ink?

2020 is going to be a monumental year for Movable Ink, and I’m excited to be a part of it. The stories we’re telling with our clients are becoming more and more intricate as the sophistication of our technology grows. 

In the past year or two, I’ve really felt a shift in how the platform is being used – from one-off use cases that do drive the needle, to fully automated, API-driven, multi-touch cross channel campaigns that save our clients immeasurable amounts of time and elevate the consumer experience in unmatched ways, still while proving an ROI that I’ve never seen at other martech companies. This year I look forward to being a part of more success stories that start with “I’ wish we could use the data we collect here” to building out that connection and bringing ideas to fruition in only a matter of weeks.

What advice do you have to other women working in or looking to break into Mar-Tech?

Mar-Tech is such an exciting industry to be in that is constantly changing. Having the right outlook and attitude is so important. Especially working in the client experience role, I’m constantly reminding my team to be empathetic of our client’s challenges – so many things may be happening within the walls of an organization that we’re not privy to. 

Be solution-oriented – try to figure out how the technology you’re using can help solve problems and save time. In this space, you have a very unique opportunity to truly come up with solutions and change instead of complaining or accepting the status quo. 

Lead by example – stay positive and help each other. And finally, find a company that will accelerate your growth, promote diversity and cares about its people. From there, success is imminent!