Marketing Innovation That Drives Real Business Impact with HP’s Morgan Chemij

In this episode of Ink Tank, Morgan Chemij, HP’s Senior Director of Marketing and Global UX, lends his expertise on how marketers can meet the needs of digital-first consumers and the new “work-from-anywhere” environment. While chatting with Movable Ink’s Associate Director of Strategy, Rachel Cowlishaw, Morgan shares how he has fostered company-wide adoption for marketing technologies by tying automation and personalization solutions directly to HP’s overarching business needs.

Morgan walked Rachel through how he creates meaningful value for consumers shifting towards digital-first shopping. The two discussed marketing transparency, augmented reality, and product interactions from a home office. Experts like Morgan are finding new ways to push digital marketing boundaries to achieve company-wide initiatives while incorporating personalization that prioritizes the needs of each individual customer.

In this episode we discuss how HP:

  • Pivoted to fast-changing business needs by incorporating real-time pricing and inventory updates into email campaigns. 
  • Innovated cross-channel strategy across mobile and email with interactive AR experiences.
  • Drove internal adoption for marketing technologies that benefit the larger goals of the business 

Morgan’s advice to marketers looking to drive internal adoption for technology and innovation within their organization: 

“Understand what challenges the business is facing, and how can new technology help overcome those to ultimately drive more efficiency and become an effective lever in driving sales and retail volume”