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Achieve marketing greatness in 2024! Discover key AI-powered marketing trends in our newest Audience of One report. We surveyed hundreds of B2C marketers in the US and UK to give you valuable insights on how to boost customer engagement and drive your brand to new heights in the new year.

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[Lookbook] Inkredible APIs: How to Use APIs to Drive Personalized Experiences

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Application Programming Interfaces, better known as APIs, are the secret sauce behind the world’s most innovative personalized marketing campaigns.

They’re essential for harnessing data and creating 1:1 customer experiences that drive results. APIs are the key to unlocking real-time data and using it to power customer-centric experiences. When marketers take advantage of APIs, they have the flexibility to respond to their customers’ needs to create more effective campaigns that drive better results.

In this lookbook, we’ll break down how marketers can benefit from APIs and showcase best-in-class examples of leading brands, including:

  • Under Armour
  • DNC
  • House of Fraser
  • Mr Porter
  • And more!

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