Introducing the Visual Experience Platform for Email, Web, and Display

It is a momentous day for Movable Ink. Not only are 600+ clients, partners, and Inkers converging on Gotham Hall in NYC for our 3rd annual Think Summit  (maybe I’ll see you there!), we’re also announcing a major company milestone — something that pushes our technology into new territory and opens new possibilities for digital marketers to create unique, visual experiences at scale. But before we get there, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane.

Eight years ago, Michael Nutt and I had a vision to disrupt the email marketing space. What began as some experiments to see how we could get email content to change after it was sent, led us to where we are today: one of NYC’s fast-growing software companies at the forefront of email marketing and a global leader in technology for generating personalized experiences for every consumer at every moment.

Today, we live in an era where visual is the language that moves people. We communicate with images online across channels, and brands must respond with unique experiences that push conversations forward in a seamless and cohesive way.

In speaking with marketing leaders at numerous brands, it’s clear that they know this, but they still face a big challenge. Over the past decade, marketers have made it a priority to gain a deeper understanding of their customers, which has led to databases filled to the brim with words and numbers. With all of this information at their fingertips, marketers have gotten really good at identifying who to market to…but they’ve been less successful at the last and extremely critical step: what consumers see. And that last act of translating data assets into compelling visuals is where Movable Ink sees a huge opportunity.

In fact, we’ve been focused on it for quite some time. And the good news is that after listening carefully to the needs of our clients to expand the reach of unique visual experiences across channels (and lots of hard work and client collaboration), we’re proud to announce a major expansion of our capabilities.

Introducing The Visual Experience Platform

Our new visual experience platform builds on Movable Ink’s legacy in email and now enables digital marketing leaders to create unique and relevant visual experiences that advance a consistent narrative across email, web, and display. With the power of Movable Ink, digital marketers can break down data silos and generate intelligent creative with millions of unique variations based on consumer context and behavior, third-party insights, and business logic – now across multiple channels.

This watershed moment is the result of the hard work and dedication of some of the brightest, most creative and tenacious minds in SaaS product development, marketing, and sales. It’s an exciting next stage in Movable Ink’s story, and at the same time, a stepping stone in our ongoing mission to help digital marketers create visual experiences anywhere and foster deeper relationships and loyalty with their customers.

Moving Forward

We’ve come a long way – both as a company and industry. In fact, while we have a vibrant tech culture, we hardly feel like a “startup” any more. The combined expertise and experience of our international team has helped 600+ global brands drive tremendous results within the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape.

Focusing on email was a deliberate decision for us from the start, and we’ve witnessed massive innovation take shape in what’s a highly profitable channel for brands. We’re proud of the leadership position we’ve carved out in the space, but we’re always eager to forge new ground and provide fresh ways for some of the world’s best-known brands to enhance performance, increase marketing productivity, and differentiate through compelling consumer experiences.

This is the reason we decided to move forward and expand into other digital channels…and this is still just the start. We’ve got plenty of runway and blue sky above with things like artificial intelligence and augmented reality playing an increasing role in the creation and delivery of visual experiences at scale. I want to express personal thanks to everyone who’s had a hand in getting Movable Ink to where we are today and am looking forward to great things ahead!

If you’re just getting to know Movable Ink, I encourage you to request a demo to see how we can transform your marketing for the visual era.