Introducing Movable Ink’s Accelerate Program

Every day, Movable Ink works with 600+ brands that are leading the charge in digital marketing innovation. We’re proud to work with some of the most forward-thinking marketers in the space, helping them improve performance quickly.

In our continued efforts to help companies exceed their KPIs even faster, we’re excited to introduce Movable Ink’s Accelerate Program.

This new program has been designed to empower our cross-channel clients who are doggedly focused on innovating with world-class visual experiences for their customers. We’ll enable them to get scalable, sophisticated marketing programs to market quickly, leveraging Movable Ink and other technologies in their martech stack to maximize results and investments. We’ll work closely with them to ensure we impact their business goals in measurable and repeatable ways.

Want to learn more? Read our interview with Accelerate Team Lead and VP of Strategic Accounts Alison Lindland below to find out how this new program will help companies embrace innovation to create amazing visual experiences across channels.

What is the goal of the Accelerate Program?

The goal for the new Accelerate Program is to partner with a select group of committed, forward-thinking clients and bring these winning strategies to market faster – taking the work that might naturally happen over a year or two just given the natural challenges that every big organization undergoes – and helping to push them forward in an accelerated time frame (hence the name).

Accelerate is a defined six-month engagement comprised of distinct phases that map to a process we’ve derived from our most successful engagements. One phase that I’m most excited about is an outgrowth of Movable Ink’s deep bench of technical partners.

We’ll be working in tandem with the partnerships team to bring client use cases to life by working with their partners directly so they don’t need to draw resources from their own technical organizations. We’ve always been a “prototype first, powerpoint later” company – and this brings this value to life perfectly.

How will Accelerate help brands overcome their biggest challenges?

The number one challenge is accessing information within your own techstack. It’s very rare for any company to have one single point of truth for client data that is scalable and actionable. Organizations are suffering for not being able to have elegant endpoints or sometimes even accurate information – let alone disparate stakeholders, offshore tech teams, 3rd parties that are misconfigured and don’t work nicely to each other.

One of the best benefits of Movable Ink is that we can bring in all of those endpoints and assets and beautifully redesign them in the HTML itself. That is really powerful and transformational for marketers. Our team works shoulder-to-shoulder with clients to demonstrate exactly how we can access these endpoints and see what user experiences can bring to life, often in a matter of days.

Tell us about who is on the Accelerate team.

Julio Lopez, has a terrific range of experiences having started his career at our partner Cheetah Digital. He has experience at RevTrax and most recently at Eversight, where he worked with one of Europe’s largest multi-channel retailers building a custom predictive modeling solution to optimize promotion resources. It should be no surprise that Julio is going to take the lead on our Retail practice.

Katie White was previously the Head of Engagement Marketing at HotelTonight, and a power user of Movable Ink – she was a keynote at our Think Summit conference last year! Katie deeply understands what it takes to create the innovative, sophisticated programs that Accelerate is focused on jump starting. Katie will focus on Travel & Hospitality as well as Media & Telco.

Finally, I will be leading financial services. I previously came from American Express, and over the past few years I’ve been working with almost all of the largest financial services companies in the U.S. I have a lot of passion for the space and how it’s rapidly evolving.

What attracted you to Movable Ink initially?

When I first met Vivek (Movable Ink’s CEO and co-founder) and he took me through some of the applications of the platform for large enterprise marketers, it was a huge lightbulb moment for me.

I had touched email marketing at AMEX and in other roles and knew the performance impact of personalization, but also the pain and expense of realizing it. I felt then, as I do still to this day, that we had an opportunity to reset the bar for what was possible in email marketing and remove so many of the barriers and costs that block innovation.

Six years later, we now have clients who are taking us to their third company with them. They understand the value of Movable Ink. Now we see Movable Ink showing up in job descriptions. We have people who won’t accept jobs with organizations who don’t work with us. Movable Ink has become the lingua franca of blue-chip marketers.

What brand is creating stand-out visual experiences right now?

There are many, but Delta is one that comes quickly to mind. I think they do an incredible job of extending their onboard experience into the inbox using beautiful customer-tailored visuals that reflect your relationship to the company. It helps that Delta SkyMiles is one of the most rewarded and recognized loyalty programs on the planet, but they have so many touchpoints and moving parts in the delivery of their service – you could easily see how that would be hard to implement and maintain.

Even with those challenges – from the website, to the app, to the check-in kiosk, to the screens in the back of seats – they do an impressive job telling a seamless story that elevates the brand and the travel experience.  

Why is it so important to create consistent experiences across channels?

Customers want to be recognized on an individual level, and that’s such an understandable ask. In a world where so many things are commoditized, the only way to reward loyalty is personal recognition.

But if there is a break in continuity in cross-channel experiences, that’s one more dent in your armor of credibility when it comes to knowing your customer. For example, when I’m transferred in a customer service phone number, and they ask me to re-enter my information, that’s a defeating moment. It deflates what I think of that brand and how much I must mean to them as a customer.

As a marketer, it’s possible now to not lose that continuity across channels. Why would you accept anything less?

Want to know what Movable Ink’s three-year financial impact can be?

We commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study that demonstrates how brands can use Movable Ink’s visual experience platform to drive business goals – and, spoiler alert – we’re thrilled with the results.

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