Introducing Behavioral Apps: An Evolution in Real-time, Consumer-led Marketing

Today’s consumers have seemingly endless choices, and a constant stream of new digital technology to influence how they buy. In order to survive, brands have to shift their strategies and adapt to a customer-led marketing model.

Customer-led marketing is based on reading and reacting to real-time, sometimes implicit, signals from the customer, instead of focusing on a business’s goals or trying to predict what the customer wants. Shifting gears to customer-led contextual marketing may seem like a big undertaking, but the trick is acting on the CRM data that you already have—and layering on real-time signals and behavioral actions—to create hyper-personalized, contextual experiences.

Unlock Behavioral Data

Your customers’ online behavior is an indication of intent, and can clue you in on their interests and what their path to purchase looks like right now, at this moment. However, until now, most email marketers couldn’t use this information to personalize campaigns in real-time.

Now with Behavioral Apps from Movable Ink, you can track customer behavior, then automatically offer up personalized product messaging—right in the emails you’re already deploying. Behavioral Apps can be used in both triggered emails and mass mailings sent through your existing ESP.

App Categories

Behavioral Apps make it easy to send personalized messaging based on four customer actions:

  • Recently viewed products to maintain interest in products that are still top of mind.
  • Most viewed products to showcase products that are more likely to be purchased.
  • Abandoned carts to recover lost revenue from an incomplete purchase.
  • Targeting by recent category to further personalize content based on the category shopped most recently

The app modules can be collapsed or display fallback content if a customer hasn’t visited your site recently enough to collect data. Recently purchased items will also be removed from future messages, so you’re always sending the most relevant offers.

Easy, One Time Setup

Setting up Behavioral Apps is a simple one-time setup that doesn’t require IT resources for each new campaign:

    Copy Movable Ink’s Behavior Tracking Javascript from your account and paste it into your site’s header, footer, or tag manager.
    Wrap the links in all of your email campaigns, including the ones that do not have Movable Ink content, to increase the reach of your apps.
    Once the Behavior Tracking Javascript is live on your site, the Movable Ink team will map to your site structure to identify site content to use in the Behavioral Apps, like product image, name, and price.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 3.09.04 PM

Our CEO, Vivek Sharma, is excited about the potential of Behavioral Apps—“We see great opportunity to marry real-time signals and content in ways that don’t interrupt the customer experience, but enhance it.”

Behavioral Apps are now available to all Movable Ink clients. Learn more about how to get started.