Inkredible Integrations

Inkredible Integrations: Location Updates, Appointments and Virtual Events

At Movable Ink, we’re dedicated to helping marketers create the kind of scalable, highly-personalized campaigns that engage customers and ultimately drive results. We know how important it is to drive efficiency, save time, and make the most out of your existing martech stack – especially in today’s economic climate. 

That’s why we’re kicking off a brand new series to show you some of the inkredible features you can incorporate into your marketing campaigns by using Movable Ink’s partner integrations. You’ll learn how our clients are getting the most out of their tech stack to better communications with their customers and their changing behaviors.

Today, we’re sharing how marketers can incorporate local services including store hours, customized offers, and appointment scheduling into their campaigns. 

Ensure business hours, openings and closures are always up to date

In today’s climate, everything from store openings to hours of operation are in flux. It’s imperative for marketers to have the flexibility to accurately inform customers about those changes – whether it’s communicating updated store hours, curbside pick-up, or buy online, pick-up in store options. Historically, this has been a challenge for any business with multiple locations.

One way that marketers can solve for this is incorporating real-time, local store information into their campaigns. To save on production time and resources, these campaigns can be personalized at scale so that the marketer only needs to create one asset that is automatically updated with each individual’s local store information including maps, store openings and closings, and more. Since the information is always displayed in real-time, you can make updates at any time and ensure that shoppers always have the latest news on their local stores.

By providing real-time updates on hours and open locations, especially by using solutions like Yext, you can deliver relevant, necessary information to your customers.

Book virtual and in-store appointments with real-time scheduling

With many businesses now opting for virtual appointments and consultations, it’s important to make that experience as seamless as possible.

Marketers can incorporate real-time appointment data into emails to encourage high-value customers to sign up to receive personalized attention. It might sound like a massive undertaking, but our partnerships with solutions like TimeTrade allow marketers the flexibility to easily include time slots for either virtual or in-person appointments. Plus, the addition of maps and store information provides even more relevant information within the same email. 

Remind customers of upcoming virtual events with Add-to-Calendar

Why not get creative with your social strategy by taking advantage of increased screen time on mobile devices? Brands are pivoting their messages to focus on where they have authority and leveraging changing consumer behaviors. You can shake things up with virtual events that are worth streaming and push out your messages across channels to engage even more people with offers and messaging that will resonate. 

Lay out the upcoming schedule and allow customers to set reminders with Add-to-Calendar for events they plan to attend.

Looking to maximize your existing resources and leverage our integrations? Get set up and start launching campaigns instantly. Check out the Movable Ink Exchange to see what integrations you can start using today.