[Infographic] Optimize Your Email Production Workflow

Did you know it takes 32% of brands 3-4 weeks to plan and execute an email campaign? For brands with additional dependencies, it can take two months or more.

If this sounds familiar, then you know the many hurdles marketers face in their email production workflow: design and copy dependencies, rounds of approval, coding and testing. It’s often considered a victory if a campaign makes it out the door at all!

We wanted to help streamline your email workflow and make your life easier. That’s why we teamed up with Litmus to bring you the Optimize Your Email Production Workflow infographic.

In it, you’ll find strategies and tools to streamline your email workflow. Here are a few tips from the infographic to make planning and executing campaigns easier. Keep scrolling to check out the full infographic!

4 steps to streamline your email workflow

Content planning

Your entire campaign hinges upon the quality of your content. That’s why it’s important to use the right tools to get the job done. Use one of the top content planning tools, like Google or Microsoft Suite to bring your vision life.

Email design

Out of all of the stages in email production, marketers spend the most time on design. It’s no wonder: a broken image or wonky template will get you marked as spam fast. First, decide on the type of template you need. Then you can use a design program like Photoshop to create images or design the layout.

Email development

Just when you thought email production couldn’t get any more complex, the development phase is a doozy. Most email senders spend at least three hours coding emails. Use an HTML email editor like this one to minimize time spent on coding.

Email testing

Without testing, all your hard work could go to waste – and yet, only 47% of companies have a pre-flight email checklist. Testing should be an integral part of any email workflow considering there are so many parts of an email: subject line, links, images and more.

Streamline your email workflow today

A lot of hard work goes into creating and delivering amazing experiences with email. Use this infographic to guide your next email campaign to success.