How Vitamix’s Partnership with Movable Ink and Oracle CrowdTwist Boosted Customer Loyalty

At Movable Ink, we’re super proud of our world-class clients and our top-notch partners. So when we have a chance to talk about both of those things, we can’t help but share.

By partnering with Movable Ink and Oracle Crowdtwist, Vitamix was able to launch a new loyalty program that welcomed over 80,000 members — all in just one year. But before that, the company was struggling to connect with customers.

In 2017, Vitamix realized their email strategy needed to change. Certain limitations led them to take a batch-and-blast approach to campaigns. Chief among them were a lack of integration with their email service provider, overreliance on an outside partner, and narrow segmentation capability due to missing or unclean data.

Vitamix was able to improve workflow and increase engagement by cleaning their data and switching to Adobe Campaign. But by 2019, they faced new challenges, including customer fatigue with a heavy promotional calendar. And without a way to personalize emails, Vitamix saw engagement decline.

They knew it was time to refocus their marketing efforts on retention. That’s when they turned to Movable Ink and CrowdTwist.

With the help of Oracle CrowdTwist, they launched a new rewards program, Vitamix Rewards. And to strengthen the program’s engagement, they used Movable Ink to add personalization to their monthly recap email campaign. So when a customer opens an email, they see a personalized message with dynamic content pulled from the rewards portal, like current points balance, membership join date, and total points rewarded and redeemed.

In another campaign, Vitamix used Movable Ink to create an email with a scratch-off panel, which revealed new loyalty program information, including 500 bonus points for anyone who pre-registered. This drove almost 20,000 pre-registrations, causing email to become the primary traffic driver for new member acquisition.

Through innovative efforts like this, Vitamix not only acquired 80,000 new members, but also triggered 18,000 of them to make purchases. And they’re on track to hit 100,000 new members by the end of the year.