How to Write Effective Re-Engagement Emails

The following is a guest blog post from Grace Carter, an editor at Brisbane Assignment Help Service and at AustalianHelp website. Also, she helps with business management and improves internal communication at OXEssays company.

You’re going to lose subscribers every year, it’s just part of the business. But just because someone drops off doesn’t mean they’re gone forever. Use these eight tips to write effective re-engagement emails.

Divide up your list of inactive subscribers

You will have a higher chance of re-engagement if you personalize your emails a bit. Craft different emails for different segments of your list. Segment them based on how long they have been disengaged or the reason for their inactivity. People like getting emails that are appropriate and relevant to them. You’ll get the maximum amount of responses if you segment your list and then cater to groups specifically.


Personalizing emails helps form a connection between you and the recipient. It also increases the chances of them re-engaging. Some ways of personalizing include using the recipient’s first name, sending them recommendations based on their past purchasing history, and showing them their previous purchases. Consider throwing in a call to action involving a product they have purchased in the past. Personalizing can be something as simple as standing out in their inbox with a subject line that reads “We miss you, Nate!”

Get feedback, so you can fix the problem

Find out the reason for your subscribers’ inactivity, as there is more than one possible reason. Get some feedback from your subscribers about why they have become inactive, and then provide them with a solution. If you can make your subscriber feel their opinion is valued, they may decide to stick around. At the very least, their answers will give you some insight into your subscriber bases’ needs.

Bring them back with an offer

If you are having trouble winning a customer back, an offer is a good way to hook them in. Should your second and third emails fail to attract them, it’s time to offer a gift, discount, or offer. “The best way to accomplish this is to mention what you have to offer in the subject line. They probably haven’t opened your last few emails, so using the subject line is your best chance of grabbing their attention before they delete. By offering a discount or gift, you provide them with an incentive to visit your store again,” advises Alice Hamilton, email marketer at BoomEssays.

Highlight the benefits you can offer

Remind your inactive customer how great you are, and what they’re missing out on. Fill them in on some of the neat things that have gone on since they’ve been active. You could talk about new premium features and benefits you’ve brought on board. Hopefully, this information will encourage the lapsed subscriber to come back and at least check out what new things you have to offer.

Keep it brief

Attention spans these days are pretty short. Get your message out as briefly and effectively as possible. It’s not as easy as it sounds, so take some time to check out these resources for keeping your email copy short and sweet:

#1 – Via Writing and SimpleGrad: These are helpful grammar resources. Tighten up your copy by removing all those excess words that a proper grammar check will do.

#2 – UKWritings and Academized: Check out these proofreading tools, as recommended by UKTopWriters in Academized review, that will help you ensure your copy is free of errors.

#3 – State of Writing and Lets Go and Learn: These are helpful writing guides where you can find tips and tricks to keeping your email copy succinct and to the point.

#4 – Essayroo and PaperFellows: Turn to these resources, suggested by BestAustralianWriters in Essay roo, for online editing assistance. Proper editing is a great way to keep your emails brief. You know your copy is ready to send when there is nothing more to be taken away.

#5 – My Writing Way and AcademAdvisor: These are useful writing communities where you can find advice on how to keep your email copy brief and to the point.

Persistence pays off

Think of re-engagement as a campaign, rather than a one-off. Send a series of emails over a period of time to try and reactivate subscribers. Be persistent, try different combinations of offers, subject lines, and email copy. Mixing it up increases your chances dramatically over sending out the same old email over and over. Remember that persistence only goes so far; know when to stop. If your three to four email campaign doesn’t get results, it’s time to let them go. Continuing on veers into the category of spam, and all that does is harm your company’s reputation.


Don’t be afraid to try things out; not every tactic is going to work all the time. Different strategies will work in different situations, on different segments of you list of inactive subscribers. Try out different ideas and see what works on different groups. You can learn a lot from conducting these kinds of tests as you attempt to win back subscribers.


Just because some of your subscribers have gone inactive doesn’t mean they are gone for good. If you use these eight tips, you will win back subscribers with your re-engagement emails.