How Boosted Demand with Intelligent Content

For travel marketers, timing is everything. Not only are customers always on the go, prices and inventory on flights and hotels are always changing. That’s why, historically, creating a great experience with travel emails has been challenging.

If a customer clicks on a deal only to find that it has already expired, they may lose trust in the brand and book travel elsewhere. And if they’re served a bad mobile experience, you can bet they’ll hit ‘unsubscribe’ in a flash.

But if you deliver a great customer experience, you have a far better chance at turning your customers into loyal brand advocates.

How boost demand with intelligent content

To drive customer loyalty, Lastminute AU knew they needed to step up their email marketing with a relevant, customer-centric campaign. Their goal was to optimize their monthly flight newsletter with a focus on mobile to better reach their on-the-go customers.

Delivering this experience would require a few things: real-time pricing to ensure they were promoting accurate deals, personalization for a 1:1 experience, and mobile-targeted content to boost engagement.

Using Movable Ink’s Real-Time Pricing Solution along with device targeting, the brand saw lifts in mobile conversions and a decrease in unsubscribes.

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