How Artificial Intelligence is Helping Marketers Extend their Global and Local Reach

As the number of global internet users rises, language and cultural differences remain as stumbling blocks to communicating across borders. And since nearly 6 in 10 international marketers don’t have support in all the markets in which they operate, there needs to be an efficient solution to help them localize.

Until very recently, large-scale localization and translation was an impossible undertaking for many brands considering the limited resources of their marketers and the ever-increasing pressure to deliver content quicker than before. “Effective, high-touch personalization is becoming more important and more challenging as brands must cater to the local interests, context, behaviors, emotions, and preferences of every individual customer across geographies,” said Katie White, associate director of client strategy at Movable Ink.

That’s where AI comes into play

As AI technology becomes more affordable and accessible, it’s beginning to level the playing field for marketers across the board.

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