House of Fraser: A Show-stopping Visual Campaign

We’re thrilled to announce our clients, House of Fraser, won the eCommerce Award for Best Fashion eCommerce. “The Blackout” campaign was a finalist in four different categories. It’s that good.

“The Blackout” campaign is a great example of the power of using compelling creative across email, web, and display. When it launched in April, it was promised to be House of Fraser’s biggest and most daring campaign to date. Since House of Fraser is a retail brand, promotions are normally the center of their marketing, but “The Blackout” marked an evolution towards creating engaging visual experiences across multiple channels. Secret sales, daily ‘spotlight’ deals and ambitious in-store events including a Moet bowling alley and 5-story balloon prize drop, offered House of Fraser shoppers an experience that was far beyond discounted prizes.


Keeping it consistent across channels

To make sure customers had a cohesive experience, the email cadence needed to mirror the event’s bold new aesthetic yet feel highly personalized. The campaign needed to be bold and innovative, yet distinctly House of Fraser in tone – ensuring a unified brand experience across all channels. The multi-day email strategy was as bold and innovative as ‘The Blackout’ itself, leveraging social proof, real-time content, geo-targeting, and gamification to drive foot traffic to stores and reward loyal customers.