Best Western: 20 Million Personalized Emails, 20% Lift in Email Revenue

Best Western email marketingMovable Ink is thrilled to announce that our client, Best Western International, was nominated as a finalist in Email Marketing Innovation for the 2015 Marketing and Tech Innovation Awards hosted by Direct Marketing News.

Over the past year, Best Western International has been working hard to create more personalized experiences for every subscriber, sending out 20 million emails a month that are targeted based on geography, device, and time-of-open.

We’ve discussed how Best Western used device-targeting in email campaigns to increase mobile app downloads by more than 100% and it was exciting to see that Direct Marketing News officially recognized the hotel’s continued innovation in the email marketing space with the nomination.

Innovation & Aspiration

During the Marketing & Tech Innovation Awards in New York last week, Best Western International’s Ryun Lambson spoke at a panel about email innovation. He said that sending “aspirational emails” was particularly effective, explaining that the hotel chain can use Movable Ink to dynamically personalize images within the emails depending on time-of-open and weather. For example, if a customer opens an email in New York City and it’s snowing at that moment, they’ll receive a picture of the beach.

In addition to this kind of personalization, Best Western experimented creative optimization when offering rewards members different discounts, A:B testing in real-time.

Through these kinds of initiatives – along with targeted emails to rewards members – the hotel chain has seen a 20% lift in revenue per email since deploying Movable Ink last year.

All of these tactics are founded on the principles of contextual marketing: sending more targeted emails based on how, when, and where the subscriber is opening it. And, as Best Western shows, paying attention to context can really, really work.

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