Here’s to a Year of Successful Partnerships

Our world-class partnership program helps our clients make the most of their martech stacks and create the relevant and personalized marketing experiences that customers love. We showcased a number of our integrations this year, but in case you missed the excitement, here’s an overview of some of our partnerships:


Together, Movable Ink + CrowdTwist make it easy for marketers to elevate their loyalty program through email campaigns that incorporate personalized data visualizations. By integrating real-time loyalty data in email, we can take your investment in loyalty even further by creating engaging digital experiences that encourage members to earn more points, move to the next rewards tier and ultimately forge a stronger connection with your brand. 

Learn more about our partnership with CrowdTwist here.


When it comes to creating great experiences, real-time pricing and inventory are game-changers. Through an integration with EveryMundo’s live pricing FareWire API, Movable Ink’s platform can bring live pricing data into emails to improve user acquisition and engagement. 

Learn more about our partnership with EveryMundo here.


With Movable Ink and Curalate, marketers can integrate real-time lifestyle content and UGC within their email campaigns. Combine real-time customer data such as web behavior, past purchase behavior, or category affinity data with curated UGC content to create compelling digital experiences that increase engagement, click-through rate, and conversions.

Learn more about our partnership with Curalate here.


Together, Movable Ink and Pega make it easy for marketers to integrate Pega’s Next-Best-Action intelligence into their email campaigns and deliver a frictionless customer experience. With Pega providing the intelligence and Movable Ink using it to automatically create highly personalized experiences, brands can dramatically increase customer revenue and satisfaction.

Learn more about our partnership with Pega here.


Movable Ink targets customers using real-time location, device, or weather. SmarterHQ offers advanced segmentation and email triggers based on multichannel behaviors and interests. When leveraged together, you get the best of both worlds in data-driven content and automation campaigns.

Learn more about our partnership with SmarterHQ here.


By tapping into the Localytics Profile API from the Movable Ink platform, marketers can target and generate email creative based on real-time in-app mobile behaviors to serve a more consistent and personalized experience to their most engaged customers.

Learn more about our partnership with Localytics here.


Movable Ink and Branch enable the world’s best brands to create a seamless experience from their emails to their in-app content and products. The result is an incredible user experience that increases app usage and leads to higher conversions. 

Learn more about our partnership with Branch here.


Top retailers use Taggstar to drive a sense of urgency for their merchandise with advanced social proof messaging that encourages customers to get the latest trending products before they are gone. With Movable Ink, marketers can include Taggstar’s social proof messaging within any creative content to boost performance across campaigns and channels. 

Learn more about our partnership with Taggstar here.

If you want to explore our directory of out-of-the-box partner integrations, check out the Movable Ink Exchange