Event Spotlight: Meet Our Engineers at EmberConf

Here at Movable Ink, we host regular Ember meetups in the office. We’re proud to be a sponsor of EmberConf. Our engineering team is in Portland for 3 days of activities, and 2 Inkers are even presenting during the conference.

Spencer Price, Engineering Manager

Tools like Sketch and Framer are increasingly popular tools and Ember provides a great foundation for building one of these on your own. Spencer’s leading a workshop that’ll help attendees implement some of the more complex areas of user interactions in a manner that would be scalable enough to support all of the features we can imagine.

Kate Ruggeri, Software Engineer

Taking the time to make your computer your happy place, is a win for everybody. If you’re not feeling a sense of calm and control after boot up, you might need some work. There are ways to encourage setup, share tools and successes, and question what we’re accustomed to and already know.