Event Spotlight: Join Us at the Financial Brand Forum

We are excited to announce that Elle Kross, Associate Director of Client Strategy, will be presenting at the Financial Brand Forum in Las Vegas. On Tuesday, April 28th, stop by Juniper Ballroom IV at 1 PM for her breakout session: “Personalization Strategies in the Age of Creativity: From Marketing Communications to Branded Experiences”.

About the breakout session

The most effective marketers have always known the strategic value of engaging experiences and visual communications. But the digital era has opened up a whole new world of opportunities, allowing financial marketers to unlock valuable data and translate it into innovative and creative ideas that connect with consumers on a personal level. Your marketing can be more relevant and your experience more resonant than ever before.

This session will provide financial marketers with actionable strategies for building brand connections and meeting the high expectations of today’s consumers through highly personalized and visually engaging experiences. You’ll learn how to tackle the C-level challenges inherent with personalization strategies to ensure your institution maximizes ROI on its marketing and technology investments.

This session will teach banking executives:

  • New ways to personalize your marketing communications and retail experience — from branches to online and mobile delivery channels
  • Strategies for bridging the massive gap between what financial institutions know about customers and their ability to translate that data into personalized 1:1 experiences
  • How data can effectively fuel content strategies that align the customer experience with the practical utility and value people expect
  • Inspirational examples of brands that are getting personalization right — from inside and outside the financial industry