Email Spotlight: Scholastic

Transactional emails are among the most successful types of emails for driving engagement. They’re opened and clicked twice as much as other emails, they see six times more revenue, and they have seven times the conversion rates.

Shopping cart abandonment emails might just be the most successful type of transactional email. According to Salecycle, shopping cart abandonment emails are opened nearly three times as much as other emails. That’s why they’re so powerful for giving your customers the nudge they need to complete a purchase.

Scholastic’s shopping cart abandonment email

Now imagine what would happen if you optimized your shopping cart abandonment emails even further with behavioral marketing. That’s exactly what Scholastic does.

Using Stories, Movable Ink’s behavioral marketing expansion, they were able to leverage their customers’ real-time website behavior. Stories automatically pulls in images of items that a customer saved in their shopping cart right into the email.

Here’s what the email looks like:


This is a great example of a transactional email done the right way. It combines powerful and relevant visuals with a simple and well-designed email. The result was a higher-than usual click-through rate and a whopping 50% lift in engagement rates.

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