Email Spotlight: Pinnacle

Live polling is one of the best ways to drive engagement and gather intel on your customers. Pair your live poll with a hot and timely topic, and you’ve got a recipe for a killer campaign.

That’s exactly how Pinnacle, an online gaming website, engaged their subscribers. They routinely feature live betting odds in their email campaigns, but this time around they wanted to tie the email theme into highly relevant and topical content: Game of Thrones.Or, more specifically, which character would take the iron throne by the end of the latest season.

This email featured a live poll that allowed people to vote and see who other customers had voted for. It includes Pinnacle’s live odds for the main contenders, additional insight (BetShare), and a live Twitter feed at the bottom of the email.

Here’s what the email looked like:


By tying the email content back to a popular topic, they’ve given their customers something to talk about for weeks to come. And thanks to a simple set up process from Movable Ink, creating the email was a snap.

“Thanks to Movable Ink, we have dramatically streamlined and in some cases eliminated the manual processes we go through to build email campaigns of this kind,” said Luke Greenfield, Email Marketing Manager at Pinnacle.

And according to Pinnacle, it was super successful, with lifts in engagement from 15-20%.