Email Spotlight: Dermalogica AU

What if you could recommend products in your emails based on your customer’s weather conditions and location at the moment of open? That would be a pretty useful campaign, huh?

That’s exactly what Dermalogica AU did with their skin sensitivity tool campaign.

Dermalogica AU created an incredible customer-focused tool that could calculate anyone’s skin sensitivity risk based on their location. Simply visit their website, and it tells you the degree of pollution, current temperature, and humidity, and then offers skincare products based on your local conditions.


Dermalogica AU was tasked with bringing their skin sensitivity tool to life in their emails, but they would need a way to add the same functionality while creating an on-brand experience.


Dermalogica AU used Movable Ink’s weather forecast app to automatically pull in each subscriber’s location at the moment of open and display weather-targeted content based on that city’s weather.

Each weather target includes relevant messaging and recommended products. For example, if your skin sensitivity risk is very high, you’ll be recommended an SPF created for sensitive skin, along with a few other products designed to protect your skin.

The result is a genuinely helpful campaign that offers the most relevant skincare regimen to customers, no matter where they’re located.