Email Spotlight: Dallas Mavericks

Social and email are a powerful pair. Social can boost your click-through rates by 158%, and email can helps you turn your social followers into your biggest fans.

It’s the perfect symbiotic relationship: social gets the word out about your brand, building buzz and connecting you with your followers. Email takes that relationship to the next level. How? When your social followers sign up for your email list,  they’re a lot more likely to be engaged, repeat customers. Think of your email list as your brand’s exclusive fan club.

If you’re looking to release a new product, unveil a big promotion or make an announcement, combining the power of social and email is one of the best ways to gain attention.

How the Dallas Mavericks used intelligent content + social

The Dallas Mavericks combined the power of social media with real-time, intelligent email content for a campaign that spike engagement among fans in a big way.

The team launched a campaign to celebrate 13- time NBA All-Star Dirk Nowitzki reaching 30,000 career points – becoming only the 6th player ever to reach this career milestone behind NBA greats Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlin.

Their goal was to actively engage their fan base with the hashtag #DIRK30K and generate ticket sales for their upcoming games. To create a buzzworthy campaign, they sent a series of emails with a live points status that updated after each game. They included a live social feed to make it easy for fans to share their excitement.

Once Dirk reached 30K, they sent out a congratulatory email to let fans celebrate the milestone.


The result was an email that not only got everyone talking, the Mavericks saw spikes in overall engagement in relation to open rates, click-through rates and subscriber interaction.

“Thanks to contextual marketing, we were able to elevate our #DIRK30K campaign by building excitement with our fan base using fun, interactive elements that were successful at engaging fans and generating revenue,” said Brittani Wilkins E-Mail Marketing Manager & MFFL,
Dallas Mavericks

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