Email Spotlight: America’s Test Kitchen

If you’re a marketer with customers in multiple geographic regions, you know all too well the challenge of sending each person relevant, regional content.

It seems like there are just two choices: send generic, one-size-fits-all content, or create countless variations of the same email. Needless to say, neither provides a great customer experience.

The challenge

America’s Test Kitchen has viewers scattered throughout the country, with viewers in different time zones watching different stations. So last year when ATK wanted to promote the season premiere of Cook’s Country, they had to create 20 separate variations of the same email in order to provide accurate station and time zone information for each person.

In short, it was a total headache.

But this year, they used geo-targeting to serve relevant station information and air times. The email automatically pulls in all of the required information from ATK’s CSV file for more efficient targeting.

Here’s what the email looked like:

Here’s a closer look at the content block with the relevant station information that was powered by a CSV file:

The results

The result? With only four variations to create, they drastically decreased production time and created a better email experience.

“We saw strong open rates of 26% on average, but the most important metric affected was production time. We dramatically simplified our workflow thanks to Movable Ink.” Matt Wittman, America’s Test Kitchen