[Webinar] Movable Ink’s Solutions for Content Sourcing

As a marketer, you know that your customers expect great things from you. Surprising, delighting, and creating amazing brand experiences will set you apart from the pack. 

In our upcoming webinar, How to Automate Your Content Sourcing and Create Incredible Campaigns, on February 13th at 1:00pm EST, we’ll show you how Movable Ink is helping leading brands source the right content for the right emails. Plus, we’ll share an exclusive live demo. Be sure to save your spot now – seats will go fast!

Can’t wait for the webinar? Download our new ebook, Movable Ink’s Solutions for Content Sourcing, and see real-life examples, plus an exclusive interview with HotelTonight!

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect in the webinar:

To achieve rich and relevant customer experiences, marketers must:

Drive performance

Help customers make complex purchasing decisions, which often involve complementary products from partners. Emails need to teach customers how and when to use a product in order keep them engaged and clicking throughout the customer lifecycle.

Enhance agility and drive productivity

Quickly react to fast-changing customer demand, which requires email marketers to coordinate email with website content, using live pricing, inventory, and/or purchasing trends. Emails that show the wrong price or promote out-of-stock items don’t just lose revenue, they hurt the customer experience.

Elevate experience

Showcase the authentic customer experience, which is found in the Instagram photos and Twitter posts of customers and fans. Emails that don’t incorporate curated user generated content (UGC) fail to capitalize on the growing power of social influencers.

As marketers, we see the need to bring richer content experiences to every marketing touchpoint. Happily, we have content everywhere. It’s in the product details on our websites. It’s in the videos and how-to guides on our blogs. It’s in the customer advocacy and user
feedback on our social channels. It’s in the product catalogs and digital assets of our partners.

“Without content, not a thing moves forward in the entire marketing landscape. That’s why I call it the atomic particle. It’s one of the building blocks.” – REBECCA LIEB, Author of Content – the Atomic Particle of Marketing

With the imperative from marketing leaders to provide better experiences and an array of content from a variety of sources, you’d imagine that email marketers are armed with everything they need to create winning campaigns, right?

Not so fast.

Email marketers bear the brunt of the pain in improving customer experience. Content is everywhere, and that’s the problem: it’s scattered in a thousand different places. Email tools were built to send email, not pull content from anywhere and everywhere.

Email marketers control email campaigns, not the creative process, content marketing, or social curation.

And worst of all, email marketers are tasked with filling unrelenting campaign calendars. Even if you can source the content, you still have to repurpose and reformat it for the often unforgiving environment of the customer’s inbox.

To create a great email experience, everything has to go exactly right.

Add tight production schedules and lean teams to the mix, and you’ve got a big – and all-too-common – email marketing challenge.

Content sourcing assessment

Are you struggling to source content for your emails? Or maybe you’re just not sure if you’re making the most of your content? Take the content sourcing assessment and see if any of these challenges sound familiar:

If you’ve checked one or more of these boxes, there’s a good chance that you’re in need of an easier way to source and activate content in your emails. Lucky for you, Movable Ink can help you do exactly that.

In our upcoming webinar on February 13th at 1:00pm EST, we’ll show you how we help marketers get more of out their content in their email campaigns. Save your spot now!