[eBook] Movable Ink’s Creative Variations Solution

We all know the better personalization leads to better performance: more clicks, more conversions, and more revenue. Yet, there’s a problem.

In practice, most marketers, don’t have the people or time to design each possible customer experience.

Even if you can produce enough content, you can’t effectively proof every variation and still get the campaign out on time. And even if you could proof all the versions you produce, you can’t keep the content up-to-date, since the data is constantly changing.

Want to see what Creative Variations can do for you? Download our eBook: Movable Ink’s Creative Variations Solution.

Introducing Creative Variations

That’s why we created the Creative Variations Solution. This solution is intelligent content that lets you combine creative and data to create personalized content at the moment of open.

So what can you vary? Well, you can do the basics: you can change the offer and get the right to the right people at the right time. We’re all familiar with that founding notion of personalization.

But you can go so much further:

  • If your company owns multiple brands, you can automatically substitute the appropriate brand mark, colors, and other styling for each brand.
  • You can change the message to reflect where the customer is in her journey: if she hasn’t visited in a while, or if she just bought, or left something in her cart.
  • You can change the creative: showing different lifestyles, models, product images to reflect what you know will persuade her to click.
  • If you operate in multiple countries, you can change languages. Or if you operate in different states, you can vary regulatory notices automatically.

With variations, you can easily create content as unique as your customers. Want to see how it’s done? Download our eBook for inspiration, best practices, and how to get started: Movable Ink’s Creative Variations Solution.