[ebook] How to Use Personalization + Emotion to Bring Your Campaigns to Life

Are your customers feeling your emails? Like, really feeling them?

If they are, that’s likely because you’re channeling just the right emotions in your email marketing. Those emotions are what lead your customers to click, make purchases, and eventually become loyal followers of your brand.

Emotions play a big role in all of our decision-making. In a study by neuroscientist Antonio Damasio, it was discovered that people with severe emotional impairment are unable to make even the most simple decisions. Like it or not, emotions – often more than logic – drive people to take action.

But that’s great news for email marketers, and Persado found proof: on average, 60% of audience responses to a marketing message are driven by emotions, outperforming all other components.

So how can you use this information to your advantage?

In our ebook, How to Use Personalization + Emotion to Bring Your Campaigns to Life, we teamed up with Persado to show you how to do exactly that. We’ll show you the best and worst words and emotions for retail, travel, financial services, and more that drive people to click.

But we didn’t stop there. Your customers’ preferences are always changing. How do you reach them with the right content in every moment, no matter where they are in their journey?

That’s where personalization comes in. We’ll help you understand your customer’s journey, and show you how you can create content that blends just the right emotion and personalization into every interaction.

Ready to dig in? Download the ebook now!