[ebook] How to Create Unique Visual Experiences Anywhere

We’re living in a visual era, where visual is the language that moves people. This has led to an all-new set of requirements for digital marketers.

Brands need to create compelling visual experiences based on all relevant data to each customer that is unique at every moment of engagement.

But that’s a tall order for most marketers, who have historically faced a false choice: They can either create personalized experiences for small segments in a non-scalable way, or they can create generic experiences for a broad audience.

This problem stems from the fact that traditional martech stacks weren’t designed for the visual era. As a result, many marketing investments are no longer moving the needle. In 2018, $96B will be spent on Martech alone, and yet 66% of CMOs are not hitting their business targets.

As digital touchpoints continue to increase by 20% each year, the problem will snowball. Those unique visual experiences will only become harder and harder to create.

On top of that, the visual era is driving a new set of requirements for marketers. These days, brands need to:

  • Create visual experiences
  • Based on all relevant data to that customer
  • That is unique at every moment of engagement

In our ebook, How to Create Visual Experiences Anywhere, we’ll explore how a visual experience platform can help marketers solve that problem by helping them create unique visual experiences across email, web, and display – all while streamlining production and supercharging their existing martech stack.

We’ll focus on four cross-channel experiences: loyalty, acquisition, re-engagement, and replenishment. Download your copy now!