[eBook] How to Build Better Loyalty Emails

It’s no secret that customers frequently switch products and service providers due to increasingly compelling offers from competitors. We see these battles play out in travel, entertainment, ecommerce and every industry in between.

Competition is fierce, and many brands struggle to stand out in an increasingly competitive digital space.

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This leads to a troubling problem for companies today: “How can we drive predictable, recurring revenue, when our customers have a myriad of options to choose from?”

Leading brands know exactly how to differentiate from their competitors. The key to their success lies in two words: customer loyalty.

According to Forrester, “Consumers already have high expectations for how brands communicate with and serve them. To earn and maintain their loyalty you have to be willing to not only meet but also exceed those expectations at every level and touchpoint, including email.”

83% of customers say that loyalty programs increase their chances of buying from a company, according to Self Startr. Loyal customers are also six times more likely to try additional products a brand offers, reserving additional marketshare for brands who do loyalty right.

Below are some best practices on ways to increase customer loyalty within email:

Show them that you know them: Leverage data from CRM, API or contextual factors for true 1:1 communication in email
Show them that you care: Personalize offers based on previous browsing behavior
Increase engagement: Your loyalty program is another opportunity for customers to interact with your brand. Give them something to do.

In our latest eBook, How to Build Better Loyalty Emails, we’ll show you how to boost your loyalty program’s performance with high-personalized, relevant emails. You’ll learn all the contextual marketing tactics that leading brands are using to cultivate long-term customer relationships.

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