Deliver Personal Connections Through Data-Driven Creative

The following post was written by Jason Witt, Digital Group Creative Director, Epsilon

Building greater response to your campaigns isn’t about standard segmentation, but the level of data behind your messaging to deliver personalized customer experiences. By combining data and innovative creative treatments, we can begin to deliver highly personalized messages in the moments that matter most to consumers. You can achieve personalization no matter where you are in the messaging journey.

Personalization begins with bringing in the basic data you already have, like customers’ transactional history with your company and their browsing behavior on your website. Enhance that with information like geo-location, online behavior across the web and their device preferences to gain a deeper understanding of the consumer.

Next step – identify how to use this data to drive your creative choices: What will your consumers like, based on what you already know about them? How can you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time?

Data-driven creative starts with knowing your audience, leveraging what you know and developing a story they can identify with in the moments that matter most. Drive it home by leveraging engaging creative treatments to enhance the customer experience. Some of the following examples that we’ve seen in the industry demonstrate these core concepts of data-driven creative.


With more detailed customer data, you can create personalized, engaging snapshots of customer activity. BP’s Driver Rewards eStatement emails share information with loyal customers about how often they’ve hit the pump, how many gallons they’ve pumped this month and the cents-per-gallon they’re saving with the rewards program. Delivered monthly, the eStatement gives BP an opportunity to re-engage customers at a regular, expected cadence with valuable messages.

Best Western

Best Western’s data-driven email shows the amount of nights each customer stayed at Best Western, the number of points they earned, the cities where they stayed, where they stayed the most, and much more.

The result was a unique and engaging promotion for Best Western Rewards, but more importantly, it made each member feel like a part of the Best Western family. Rewards members were excited to see their unique story, and this campaign saw a 38% open rate.


StreetEasy created a highly personalized data visualization for each agent’s year-in-review statement. The email deep-links to Twitter, so agents could tell the world how many clients they’d reached that year.

The email garnered amazing engagement, with a lift in click- through rates of 150%. Even better, they generated a ton of social media buzz with other agents asking how they could get their very own personalized year-in-review.

Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal’s data-driven campaign was personalized with the number of articles each member read in 2017 and their most-read section. In addition to leveraging customer data, the campaign promoted three unique newsletters.

Not only did this campaign drive social engagement with people tweeting their personalized stats, WSJ saw thousands of newsletter signups and a 5% lift in CTR.

With enhanced data, best practices and innovative techniques, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your consumer and deliver meaningful, enjoyable messages that make your brand stand out.