Culture Spotlight: Techfest Club

Do you re-use passwords among your logins? Are you worried about the vulnerability of your accounts? On July 16th in our New York office, Movable Ink software engineer Stacey Stewart is teaming up with Techfest Club to teach you how to step up your online security. In Cybersecurity 101, you’ll learn about password managers, authentication apps, and which kind of 2FA actually makes your account less secure.

About Techfest Club

Techfest Club is a community in NYC for womxn in tech. Our events are free and include breakfast thanks to our partners and we welcome new members who are women, non-binary or gender nonconforming and work in tech. Register for the event today!

About the speaker

After spending 5 years in corporate retail at Saks Fifth Avenue, Stacey Stewart attended an engineering boot camp at General Assembly to change careers. She has always been a fan of logic games and problem-solving so she thought learning to code would be perfect for her. She has now been an engineer at Movable Ink for almost 2 years where she works mostly in Ember and Ruby on Rails. Her roommate’s bank account was recently hacked due to a reused password so passing along knowledge about cybersecurity has become her passion project.