Consumer Device Preferences for Email Marketing

It’s a given—designing your emails to create the best user experience leads to more click-throughs and conversions. And, unless you consistently use responsive design, knowing which device your customers prefer to use when opening and engaging with emails is key to creating that experience.

We’ve analyzed the data from 1.9 billion email opens in Q1 of 2016, as well as conversions from those emails. Below is a breakdown by industry on desktop vs. mobile preferences.

CDPR 2016_Q1

Apparel shoppers consistently prefer mobile

In Q1, apparel shoppers continued to be more likely to open and convert on mobile devices than in any other industry. It’s the only group that consistently prefers mobile to make online purchases. Mobile open rates topped the list at 76%, and mobile conversions were 63%.

Financial Service customers stick to desktop to convert

Most industries see more conversions on desktop versus mobile, but only 15% of financial service customers—the lowest rate of all industries—used mobil devices to buy products and services in Q1. Travel and hospitality emails had the second highest desktop conversion rate at 70%.

Many non-profit opens still happen on desktop

Although all of the industries we analyzed saw more emails opened on mobile devices, many non-profit recipients still open on desktop—47% on desktop versus 53% on mobile devices.

Prefer colorful charts to words and numbers? Here’s another way to look at it …

2016 Q1 Consumer Device Preference copy

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