Congrats to Our Inkredible Marketer Award Winners

We have the honor of working with some incredible clients. So, when Think Summit plans were in the mix, we knew it was the perfect opportunity to recognize some of our all-stars with the Inkredible Marketer Awards.

The Veteran – Andrea Saporito from the NBA

Andrea has been with Movable Ink throughout their career and has brought us to many different brands along their journey. She’s leveraged Movable Ink’s visual experience platform for a large variety of sophisticated use cases.

Inkredibly Speedy – The Minnesota Timberwolves

The Timberwolves constantly impress us with how eager they are to embrace new use cases. They even launched their first mobile campaign with Movable Ink within a week.

Martech Masters – Capital One

Movable Ink works with your existing martech stack – no need to rip or replace anything. Capital has gone above and beyond in leveraging Movable Ink’s platform to open up their whole marketing technology stack.

Honorary Inker – Joseph Shannon & David Knapp from American Express

Joseph Shannon and David Knapp have pioneered the use of Movable Ink across their internal organization (and have each run a Movable Ink powered newsletter at different points!). They have integrated us with third-party technology partners and deployed a variety of sophisticated Movable Ink use cases across their marketing campaigns.

Cross-Channel Champion – REI

REI couldn’t attend the ceremony, so they’ll get their trophy soon!

Movable Ink’s platform helps digital marketing leaders create visual experiences that move consumers. REI takes advantage of our cross-channel capabilities to create best-in-show experiences across email and web.

#MadeWithMovableInk – Jacqueline Schoninger from the NBA and Jason Peters from Music Magpie

These people love the campaigns they’ve created with Movable Ink and are more than willing to tell the world. They’ve both won our #MadeWithMovableInk competition.