Congrats to Elizabeth Ray for Being one of DMN’s 40 Under 40

We’re proud to announce that Elizabeth Ray, Senior Director of Client Experience, is one of DMN’s 40 Under 40. Movable Ink is among the fastest-growing MarTech companies in the world and Elizabeth Ray has been an early and significant contributor to that success through internal leadership and passionate commitment to her clients.

In her time at Movable Ink, Elizabeth has risen from a Client Experience Manager to a Senior Director of Client Experience, while playing an integral role in developing the structure of the CX department; paving the way for emerging leaders through example, mentorship, and management.

“She has been a phenomenal leader within our organization and a critical part of our ability to scale as we have.  Elizabeth has tremendous followership from her team and one of the greatest levels of followership as a leader that I’ve ever seen – and unsurprisingly has one of the greatest track records of promoting and retaining her team members. Clients value her because of her ability to harness her significant technical knowledge, her training as a creative designer, and her extensive experience contributing to strategy for thousands of campaigns across almost every vertical. She is one of the most creative problem-solvers I’ve ever worked with.”

Alison Lindland, VP of Client Strategy at Movable Ink

Elizabeth Ray is poised, sharp, and resourceful. She has had a significant impact on my professional development. I had the honor of reporting to her for 3 years and she continues to be my mentor and an idol. In those 3 years, she was able to encourage me to push myself out of my comfort zone, develop my technical skills working across large clients, and also helped me grow my client management skills tenfold. Elizabeth is a trusted leader within the organization and sets the bar high for those who aim to follow in her footsteps. By believing in me, she has helped me find my voice and confidence over the past few years and she does an impeccable job at promoting her teams’ work. I am honored and grateful that I have gotten the opportunity to learn from truly one of the best in the industry.”

Lauren Lind,Lead Client Experience Manager at Movable Ink

“Elizabeth Ray defines customer success. Her thirst for innovation is contagious and anyone who crosses her path gets energized to think about what’s next, and what’s possible. She’s helped launch some of our most groundbreaking, national marketing programs truly from the ground up, all with an eye for accomplishing what others said we couldn’t.”

Joseph Shannon, Director, Customer Strategy US Consumer Marketing Services at American Express