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Why Brands and Customers Love the ‘Subscription Economy’

Once upon a time, the word “subscription” was only associated with magazines and newspapers. But things are different now.

Today, we can subscribe for razor blades, dinner ingredients, makeup, movies, neckties, software, music, and…well, the entire list would probably take up the rest of this post.

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Holiday Shopping by the Numbers: 26 Stats from 2018

Sure, it’s June, but it’s also time to be thinking about your strategy for the 2019 holiday shopping season. To get started, how about taking a look at last year’s U.S. holiday shopping results? Here are 26 compelling stats to learn from, and perhaps be inspired by:

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Campaign Spotlight: PANDORA UK

Valentine’s Day is here, and according to the National Retail Federation, those who are celebrating are expected to spend an average of $161.96 this year. And while customers are getting ready to spend a grand total of $20.7 billion in cards, outings, and novelty gifts, marketers are getting creative and delivering exceptional campaigns. Here’s one of our favorite Valentine’s Day campaigns.
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[eBook] How to Elevate Your Rewards Program with Email

Marketers have plenty of reasons to invest in their rewards program: your rewards members are your biggest fans and brand advocates, and a good rewards program can boost the lifetime value of your customers. But are you also using emails to deliver the highly personalized messages your most loyal customers crave?
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