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Pega- Why Irrelevant Emails Are Killing Your CLV

Ugh, Another One? Why Irrelevant Emails Are Killing Your CLV

The following blog post was written by Andrew LeClair, Product Marketing Manager at Pega

111 BILLION emails are sent to consumers every day. But, with only 3.8 Billion email users worldwide, this means that the average consumer can receive up to 30 emails per day from brands trying to sell them something. That’s a lot. There’s no way that all of those emails can resonate – and the numbers prove it.

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Embedded Surveys in Email

Email’s Secret Engagement Weapon: Embedded Surveys

For the people who take them, surveys can be fun, fast, and educational. But building them is a very different story. Questions can be worded in any number of ways – which way is best? How many questions is too many, or too few? Then you have to analyze and share results. Continue reading

Happy Re-engagement! 5 Messages That Make It Happen

Happy Re-engagement! 5 Messages That Make It Happen

Re-engaging your audience requires finesse, good timing, persistence, and a sense of humor. That’s why it’s so challenging. Your recipients know you – have perhaps bought from you – but they have become disinterested. Now you must win them back. The good news: You can pull it off. Continue reading

Ink5_ NBA

The Inkredible 5: NBA

How do you keep your audience up to date when your lineup changes every day? The NBA wanted to make sure their subscribers knew exactly when to tune in and show up to support their favorite teams. But with over 50 games scheduled per week, it was challenging to personalize every email at scale. Normally this would mean a lot of grunt work for an unlucky marketer, but the NBA knew there had to be a better way. Continue reading