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Destination, Inspiration: Why Travel Brands Need an Inverted Marketing Funnel

Customers have the travel itch, but slow-going logistics can stand in the way of booking that dream vacation. To remedy that obstacle, travel marketers need to use an inverted funnel approach to ignite inspiration and action.

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How AI Personalization Can Gain Marketer Trust

AI is often relegated to minor content below the fold. Why? Because the AIs brands have used generate repetitive content. To trust an AI to do the heavy lifting, brands need one that keeps content fresh and caters to customers long-term.

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Creating Data-Driven Marketing in a Privacy-First World

It’s a privacy-first world and customers keep their data close, but the age of personalization is far from over. In this guide, learn not only how to navigate tighter data policies, but how to leverage them for truly data-driven marketing.

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Consumer Marketing in Uncertain Times: How CMOs can Rise to the Occasion

In economic uncertainty, the next move isn’t to cut costs—it’s to put the customer first. Discover how you can nurture every single customer using personalized marketing efforts and stay ahead of the curve.

Personalisation Isn’t a Buzzword, It’s a Necessity

Is personalisation just a marketing buzzword, or is it a linchpin strategy? When activated correctly, personalisation has the power to be pivotal in your marketing master plan. Discover how to use personalisation to its fullest potential.

Automation Rolls the DICE in Your Favor: Scale Personalization Across Channels and Content

Customers want personalization, but scaling across channels and content can prove challenging for marketers. The way to swing the odds in your favor lies in the right organizational tool, the DICE framework, and automation.

Building Customer Relationships: Your Ultimate Guide to Personalized Email Marketing

Email is still the most effective form of customer marketing. Yet, many brands aren’t using data to personalize their campaigns. Build a customer-centric approach to email marketing and maximize your program’s ROI through personalization.

Fostering Trust: How Financial Services Marketers can Continue Driving Revenue while Guiding Customers through Economic Uncertainty

In the face of economic uncertainty, it's finserv marketers' job to use their messaging as a trusted guide for their customers. Discover how your brand can act as a key support by offering daily doses of financial wellness.

Show, Don’t Tell: How to Create Stories Through Customer Data

Customers love good stories, whether it’s in their favorite show or their marketing communications. Get the formula for writing an unforgettable marketing story using powerful visuals that bring customer data to life.

Buy Now, Pay Later: The Importance of Evolving Communications in Any Economy

If you’ve missed the boom in BNPL, where have you been? Over the past few years, Buy Now, Pay Later has become one of finances most popular trends. We'll share how financial services marketers can keep up with changing spending behaviors.

What is Omni-Channel Marketing?

With more channels than ever, customers crave a consistent brand experience. Enter omni-channel marketing. In this first-class strategy, marketers can create seamless brand interactions that capture customer attention for the long haul.

Three Ways Retailers Can Highlight Buy Now, Pay Later Options in Holiday Campaigns

Peak season may look slightly less merry for retailers this year. With rising inflation rates and economic uncertainty causing consumers to cut back on spending, 51% of shoppers are planning to purchase fewer holiday gifts this year. ...


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