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Epsilon Guest Post - Email Architecture & Design Suite

Email Architecture & Design Suite: Implementing Today to Prepare for Tomorrow

The following blog post was written by Amy Pepler, VP GM, Digital Client Services at Epsilon. You can see more of our content with Epsilon here.

If you think your email program is stuck in the past, you’re not alone. Keeping up with evolving technology can be daunting. The good news is that the ubiquity of consumer data means brands can now create personalized, exciting customer experiences. Continue reading

4 Ways to Get Your Audience to %22Binge-Watch%22 Your Messages

4 Ways to Get Your Audience to “Binge-Watch” Your Messages

It’s a paradox: The age of instant gratification is also the age of binge-watching. Email marketers have heard that they must make an instant connection with recipients or risk losing them forever. Yet these same recipients – who will blithely ignore even the most compelling subject lines – may not think twice about watching entire seasons of “Game of Thrones” or “Orange is the New Black” over a weekend. Continue reading

8 Ways to Write Engaging Email Marketing Copy

Let’s face it, your recipients have no tolerance for boring writing. You didn’t write the bestselling novel they’ve been looking forward to devouring. They haven’t settled into the sofa with your message in hand, looking forward to several hours of savoring your wit and wisdom. Nope. Far from it. Continue reading