[Case Study] How Virgin Holidays Uses Phrasee and Movable Ink to Optimize and Personalize Their Email Content

With over 200 communication types and 22 million email sends annually, Virgin Holidays was looking for a way to supercharge their email marketing quickly, without having to make any infrastructure changes — and they turned to Phrasee and Movable Ink to help make that happen.

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“Your email subject line is your headline; it’s the first thing that attracts the customer, so I decided to look at that first,” said Saul Lopes, Customer Lifecycle Lead at Virgin Holidays. “I had heard of a new UK startup in industry circles that was using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve email subject lines, and decided to go in for a meeting.”

At the same time Virgin Holidays began using Phrasee, they brought on Movable Ink to optimize and personalize email content at the moment-of-open. “Using Phrasee and Movable Ink together revamped our marketing very quickly,” said Lopes.

Virgin Holidays uses Movable Ink’s intelligent content platform to leverage real-time data in all communication types – including transactional emails and booking confirmations – and as a result, they’ve seen incredible engagement.

“Our most successful emails with intelligent content perform 50-100% better in terms of engagement,” said Lopes.

Movable Ink also helped Virgin Holidays boost productivity by helping them manage their content more effectively.

“For example, if we have 50 destinations to address, Movable Ink automatically personalizes changes to the email,” he said. “We don’t have to readjust the campaign or the record, but set it up just once.”

As a result, Virgin Holidays saw big lifts in engagement. Want to see the campaign? Download the full case study now.