[Case Study] How Victra Drives Innovation with Movable Ink + Persado

Victra’s email marketing journey began the same way it does for many brands: with one-size-fits-all email creative. They turned to Movable Ink and Persado to stay innovative and provide better experiences for their loyal customers.

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The results blew them away: The Victra team saw a 92% lift in engagement with visual, relevant, content, including device detection, location targeting, and a live Instagram feed.

But Movable Ink and Persado aren’t just driving results in Victra’s email program. The teams are helping them gain a competitive edge and better serve their guests.

“We are building a much stronger story for each of our guests,” said Nicholas Metcalfe, Vice President of Marketing and CRM at Victra. “Testing is easier. The efficiency of our campaigns has increased. Most importantly, with Movable Ink and Persado, we’ve moved from batch-and-blast campaigns to creating more personalized experiences for our guests.”

Download the case study and see the results for yourself.