[Case Study] How Lenovo Boosted Engagement with Movable Ink’s Signals

Lenovo knows the power of email innovation: they’ve been using web crops from Movable Ink to automatically pull products from their website directly into their emails, resulting in a 50% increase in productivity.

But they wanted to take their campaigns a step further and create true, 1:1 experiences for their customers.

That’s why a behavioral marketing campaign was a perfect fit.

Why behavioral marketing?

According to Janrain, 74% of consumers get frustrated when content isn’t relevant to their interests. But when you add behavioral marketing to your email strategy, you’re guaranteeing that the email content you send is always relevant to your customers.

That’s because behavioral marketing leverages your customers’ interactions with your brand — like items or categories they browsed, products they left in their shopping carts, or previously purchased products — and uses those interactions to create relevant emails that people love. You’re no longer sending one-size-fits-all content, instead you are tailoring your emails to fit your customers’ exact needs.

Using Movable Ink’s behavioral marketing expansion, Signals, along with Oracle Marketing Cloud, Lenovo created a behavioral campaign that automatically pulled their customer’s recently browsed products right into their newsletter.

They simply added a behavioral content block to their regular newsletter that updated with the appropriate products, so there was no need to alter the rest of the content of the newsletter.

In addition to the newsletter customers knew and loved, they could now easily shop a product they had recently browsed. The seemingly small change made a world of difference: the campaign drove record engagement and 17x higher click-through rates.

Want to see the campaign for yourself? Download the case study now.