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Festive Good Boys of Movable Ink

Festive outfits are a mandatory part of the Holiday season for any pet owner! We asked the team at Movable Ink to send in their favourite pictures of their pets dressed up in their festive finest. Introducing Demi, Hazel, Sawyer and friends, who wish you a happy and relaxing Christmas and New Year…

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The Future of Retail: Data Integration

Companies have access to more customer data than ever before, allowing them to create personalized experiences that drive engagement. But in order to make use of this information, they first have to organize and unify the data, which can be a tall order considering the ever-growing number of channels in today’s market.

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Festive Favourites: Movable Ink’s Holiday Playlist

Whether you’ve had your tree up for two months or two minutes, bought all your gifts in the Black Friday sales, or just woke up this morning wondering how it could possibly be December…we’ve finally reached ‘the most wonderful time of the year!’ (Though, the bar is low in 2020).

Holiday music is an essential part of the season’s celebrations, so we asked the Movable Ink team for their favourite Christmas tracks and put together this Spotify playlist.

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The Future of Retail: Focus on All Channels

Retail was already undergoing a dramatic transformation, and the global pandemic has only accelerated it. Though Covid-19 has limited in-person experiences, brands still have the opportunity to connect with customers on many other channels. By embracing new technologies and consumer values, companies will find they’re able to infuse new life into the industry in ways that were previously unimaginable.

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Future of Retail Ch 1

The Future of Retail: Reimagining the Supply Chain

Up to this point, supply chains have been linear, with each step dependent on the previous one. An inefficiency at one stage would affect all stages that follow. While this may have been manageable before, today’s challenges — the global pandemic, trade wars, and challenges with international relations — have put an overwhelming strain on the system.

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Holiday Strategies

Quick Wins for an Ever-Changing Holiday Season

You could argue that this year’s peak season has been a little hard to plan for. With most retailers well underway, preparing to kick off their 2020 Black Friday campaigns, it feels like every day we’re hearing about the industry’s giants pioneering their own version of peak season events that we must pivot to compete with. We also, of course, are faced with some unique and continually changing challenges posed by COVID-19, so it’s crucial for marketers to stay flexible as the season progresses.

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The State of Mobile for Marketers

With online activity soaring and mobile app usage becoming an integral part of consumers’ lives, leveling up your mobile strategy is no longer a “nice to have”—it’s now front and center on the long list of growing consumer expectations.

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