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How Financial Services Brands can Continue Creating Personalized Experiences After Apple Releases new Privacy Protections

By: Robbie Freeman–Associate Director of Strategy, Financial Services

At Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in June 2021, CEO Tim Cook announced that “privacy is a human right.” To back up this statement, the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer devices introduced Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), set to launch in September when Apple releases iOS 15 and MacOS Monterey. If opted in, people that open their email on the Apple Mail app through an iPhone, iPad, or Mac will now have an added layer of security. The update includes privacy features such as masking a user’s IP address and making it impossible to track a user’s email open activity.

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Apple’s New Privacy Initiatives: How Retailers Can Continue to Meet and Exceed Customer Expectations in a More Private Future

By: Rachel Cowlishaw, Associate Director of Strategy–Retail

In June, Apple announced privacy measures it plans on rolling out in September’s iOS 15 release. All Apple Mail users can now take advantage of Mail Privacy Protection, which makes tracking pixels less reliable because email images are cached between being sent and being opened. It also masks the recipient’s IP address from the email sender.

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Embracing Change: Top Takeaways From Movable Ink’s “Evolving Your Email Marketing Strategy for Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection” Webinar

This week Movable Ink’s Strategy Team presented a webinar addressing Apple’s upcoming iOS 15 privacy changes that will affect how brands personalize their email communications, market to consumers, and measure campaigns. 

The webinar offered tactics every marketer should keep in their back pocket in preparation for privacy changes. In case you missed it, here are the key takeaways from the webinar to keep in mind. 

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1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. Leverages Personalization as the Go-to Destination for Gifting and Sharing

As a company focused on inspiring more human expression, connection, and celebration, the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. e-commerce platform – which features more than a dozen brands – has become a popular destination for consumers to connect with the important people in their lives. With connection and expression becoming more important than ever, the company recently accelerated its customer engagement efforts – building relationships with customers beyond the transactional process and fostering a real sense of community and belonging.

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Three Mobile Campaigns that Quickly Grab Consumer Attention

By Shannon Cook: Director, GTM Mobile Enablement

Time is of the essence. When someone receives a mobile notification or opens an app with only a few seconds to spare, brands have a small window to grab their attention. “The average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds to eight seconds,” Retail Dive writes about the challenges facing mobile marketers. “That is shorter than the attention span of a goldfish.”

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What Apple Mail Privacy Protection Means for Content Personalization

By: Vivek Sharma, CEO of Movable Ink

Want an in-depth look at how Mail Privacy Protection will affect digital marketing? Join Movable Ink on July 7th for the Evolving Your Email Marketing Strategy for Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection webinar.


  • Apple announced changes to Apple Mail to enhance consumer privacy.
  • These changes will mean a shift from real-time to recent-time content generation.
  • Countdown timers are a thing of the past. Zero and first-party data are the future and have been part of Movable Ink’s playbook for years.
  • As always, our Client Experience and Strategy teams are here for you.
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Digital Marketing for the New Quick Serve Restaurant Landscape

How mobile technologies and changing customer behaviors may affect QSR marketing

By Alex May: Associate Director of Strategy, Travel, Hospitality, & Food Services

The world is currently in a strange limbo. It’s like we’re all in a deli line where we’ve picked a number, but somehow the next one called is even further away from the one in our hand. While a full-scale vaccination effort is underway, tempting consumers and quick serve restaurant owners alike with fantasies of a return to normalcy, COVID-19 variants have caused case numbers to rise, reminding us all that we are still in the middle of life-changing events.

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