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[GUIDE] 10 Killer Instagram Marketing Strategies

Maybe you’ve started an Instagram page for your brand, maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’ve already had success with it. Either way, when it comes to Instagram marketing, there are countless opportunities for customer engagement and sales… and things are really just getting started.

Just a few weeks ago, Instagram officially unveiled the first round of advertising API integrations for brands to use. It’s safe to assume that there’s more to come as the platform tweaks how businesses and customers interact and build communities.

That said, there are already a lot of companies seeing success with strategies like influencer outreach, giveaways, and more. Instagram sees more engagement than any other social channel and the best way to build an audience is to build relationships.

We talked to a dozen experts on how to market on Instagram and wrote a guide on the insights they gave us.

Download the guide for free here!

Data + Experience = Revenue (Day 1 at #CXN15)

Curious about what happened on Day One at Salesforce Connections 2015? So were we! Some Movable Inkers were there for Day 1 and told us that the biggest topics were definitively around how to use data effectively and how to build the best customer experience possible.

So we took to Twitter to gather some wisdom from attendees around those two topics. On Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll be at Booth #112. Come stop by and say hi!

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5 Sessions to Attend at Salesforce Connections 2015

From Tuesday through Thursday this week, Movable Ink will be attending Salesforce Connections at the Javits Center in New York City. We’re really excited to get on the floor and talk to sales and marketing professionals about the power of contextual marketing. If you’re around, stop by and say hello at Booth 112.

There are going to be plenty of great sessions at the conference, too. Here are five that really caught our eye:

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[RESEARCH] How UK Consumers Use Email in 2015

Movable Ink is excited to announce that our latest research into how UK consumers open, access, and read email is now available!

This research offers new insight into mobile email opens, read length across devices, and how UK consumers are converting from email. It’s an invaluable resource for any email marketer hoping to optimise campaigns for their audience.

Nearly three-quarters (71%) of emails are opened on mobile devices in the UK and it’s clear that mobile conversions, while gaining momentum slowly, are definitely gaining momentum.

If you want to take a look at a deeper analysis of the findings, Marketing Week featured a breakdown of the findings and discussed how one Movable Ink customer, Marie Curie, used an email that deep-linked to text message applications and made it easier than ever to donate. In the piece, CEO Vivek Sharma shares his views on the latest report as well.

Want to read the full report?

Download the UK Q1 2015 Consumer Device Preference Report!

65% of Consumers Still Want The Traditional Retail Experience

If you listen to anyone in the tech industry today, there’s a consensus that shopping in an actual, physical store is passé. Over. Done. Cooked. In a few short years, we’ll all be seamlessly ordering everything from mattresses and groceries to clothes and books directly from our phones.

Or… not. A new report from TimeTrade found that 65% of consumers would still prefer to purchase an item in a nearby store as opposed to online. The majority of them said they wanted to “touch and feel” the products before making a final purchase.

More importantly, 42% of consumers have never actually purchased something from their mobile devices. And when they’re looking to buy something, only 13% will decide to buy it from mobile.

So where does this leave brick-and-mortar retail? Somewhere in-between. Clearly, physical purchases are still extremely important. But digital can help drive foot traffic to the store and get customers interested in what the store has to offer.

Here’s how.

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5 Awesome Contextual Emails from UK Brands

Every quarter, we release five emails from Movable Ink customers who are really pushing the envelope when it comes to email marketing. These are companies using email personalization, building highly relevant content through our contextual marketing platform, or maybe geo-targeting different offers and rewards points.

Today, we’re happy to announce the first-ever UK edition of our Inkredible 5 series. This lookbook features five great emails from UK brands that include examples of personalization, geo-targeting and more.

Download The Inkredible Five, UK Edition today!

Weekend Reading: The “Coolest” Social Network & Instagram’s API

 Happy Friday!

At Movable Ink, it’s been another busy one. This week, we released Inkredible5, Spring Edition, to showcase five great emails that are making use of our contextual marketing platform. We also talked about the importance of API integrations for email and analyzed the research from Google about this thing called “micro-moments.”

This week, Instagram announced some major advertising initiatives and that included making API integrations available to a roster of partners. Read about that and more in this weekend’s reading:

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The 4 Biggest Takeaways from Google’s “Micro-Moments” Research

According to Google, the new “battleground” for brands is the micro-moment. These are moments that are intricately interwoven with mobile behavior, usage, and psychology. Basically, the moments we’re trying to figure a problem out and pull out our smartphones to help solve it.

Marketers have been facing these challenges for a while now. That’s why there’s been so much talk about “omnichannel” and “multichannel” strategies.

The purchasing cycle for your customers today is anything but linear. Customers are bringing their phones to their stores and consulting them instead of salespeople on the floor. They’re using phones for directions, to settle arguments, and all sorts of other activities.

Here are the top biggest takeaways from Google’s research:

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5 Next-Gen Emails from Lenscrafters, eHarmony, and More

What if you could allow customers to reserve a hotel room from right within an email? Or make an appointment just by tapping available time slots from within the inbox? What if you sent an email with a sale and a customer opened it after the sale was over… but the email changed to show something just as engaging?

This spring, we’re debuting five next-generation emails that are making use of contextual marketing technology from Movable Ink to create entirely new experiences right within the inbox.

Whether it’s Lenscrafters offering eye exam appointments directly in an email or eHarmony getting sales from an expired sales offer, these brands are helping push email marketing to new heights.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 1.41.22 PMWant to learn more? Download the Inkredible5, Spring Edition! 

You’ll see examples of how brands like Lenscrafters, eHarmony, Nickelodeon, and others are using contextual marketing to build engaging email experiences that boost click-throughs and the bottom line. 



Why Email Marketers Need to Think APIs, Not Big Data

It’s not exactly news that data is important to email marketing. If you ever want to segment your email list, you need some kind of customer data to make it work.

However, the data that most email marketers are using today is static. You might be segmenting based on a customer’s zip code, but what if the customer moved? If you’re targeting based on a product purchase but the purchase happened a year ago, is that still accurate? Or relevant?

Despite the talk about big data being critical for business, big data isn’t what email marketers should be thinking about – they should be thinking about APIs.

Emails empowered by API integrations can create real-time emails and dynamic experiences in the inbox. Organizations already have a lot of data for marketers to use. It’s just a matter of locating it and then building it into an email.

Here’s how.

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