5 Important Dates to Add to Your Holiday Email Planning Calendar (And Strategies for Each)

Believe it or not, the holiday season is quickly approaching, which is why now is the time to get ahead of your holiday email planning strategy. 

And while some of these dates may already be on your holiday email planning calendar, some of them require a bit more planning and strategy than others. Thanksgiving, for instance: to send, or not to send?

Check out our recommendations for the dates below based on data from last year’s holiday season.

5 Important Dates to Add to Your Holiday Email Planning Calendar

Tuesday, October 31: Halloween: October is fast approaching, and it’s important to recognize two things about it: 1.) 40% of shoppers start making their list before Halloween, so it may not be a bad idea to engage early birds, and 2.) Don’t forget about all the opportunities you have to engage subscribers with fall and Halloween leading up to the holiday season. Need ideas? Check these out.

Thursday, November 23: Thanksgiving: With Thanksgiving less than a month away from Halloween and officially marking the beginning of the holiday season, it’s important to have your holiday emails campaigns locked and loaded well in advance. Last year in our Holiday Email Report: Cyber Week Recap, we discovered that read lengths were highest on Thanksgiving even though conversions peaked on Cyber Monday. If you send a campaign on Thanksgiving, consider sending in the evening (6pm and on) to ensure you aren’t disrupting your customers’ holiday.

Friday, November 24: Black Friday: Another big finding from last year? Black Friday is no longer an in-store only holiday. In fact, conversions were very close to Cyber Monday’s conversions. If it isn’t already, make Black Friday a priority in your campaign planning for shoppers with no desire to brave in-store sales. Instead, consider offering limited-time deals that last just one day (or even one hour!).

Monday, November 27: Cyber Monday: Yes, Cyber Monday sees the highest conversions out of any day during Cyber Week. But keep in mind that your customers will be swimming in Cyber Monday deals. Last year’s read rates for Cyber Monday were low, indicating that many customers had already decided what they would buy in advance. Keep your Cyber Monday emails short and your content engaging if you’re looking to stand out in the inbox!

Saturday, December 23: Last day for rush shipping: This is a big one to keep top of mind for any brands selling physical products, and it should dictate your campaign’s cadence. In the days leading up to it, consider offering time-targeted deals with reminds about the last day for rush shipping. On the 23rd, you can begin offering gift cards to last-minute shoppers. The idea is to have a special deal available for each of your customers.

Check out our full calendar of important dates for email marketers below. Want to download your own copy + see more email inspiration? Download our ebook, Steal These Holiday Email Ideas.