3 Ways to Upgrade Your Campaigns with Social Proof

Humans love validation. We’re influenced by people like us. Customers follow the crowd when they see other people take an interest in a product or service. But when it comes to buying a product or service online, the vetting process is a little more difficult. Your options are to take a leap of faith or to rely on researched opinions before you make your final decision, and that’s where social proof comes into play.

Personalized visual creative is the most influential marketing tool you have at your disposal right now, and adding social proof messaging to the mix gives your campaigns the added bonus of creating urgency, increasing conversions, and sales. Luckily, there are simple ways to inject the power of the crowd into your campaigns:

Here are 3 ways you can upgrade your campaigns with social proof:

1. Show what customers are buying in real-time

Show your customers what others are buying. You can use social proof messaging software like Taggstar to aggregate and show real-time product views, add-to-bag volumes and sales volumes. You can even pull these messages into your emails to keep your campaigns consistent across channels. The messages are designed to display specific product trends and can feature personal information about the visitor’s individual engagement with the product (Since you last visited 2 days ago, 20 others have bought this…) and to increase their consideration using the behavior of other shoppers (22 others have bought this…).

2. Incorporate live inventory volumes

Real-time creative that answers your customers’ biggest needs at the moment of open is a must-have. It builds trust with your customers and prevents nasty surprises at checkout because all of the information in your campaign is accurate and up-to-date. For example, a good abandoned cart email will automatically display items that your customer recently added to their cart. A great abandoned cart email will include live pricing and stock volumes to let them know that they have limited time to act. It’s the perfect way to increase product visibility and to nudge them to purchase. 

3. Make it visual with user-generated content

When it comes to incorporating your user-generated content in your social proof strategy, you have to think about your brand at all times. When you’re pulling in creative and images from social media, make sure you’re pulling in a curated selection of high-quality customer photos. In so many cases, seeing is believing. And seeing the visual proof of another customer enjoying your product or service will work wonders in terms of reassuring those who are weighing their options. 

It’s time to upgrade your campaigns with social proof

When it comes to incorporating social proof in your campaigns, the setup doesn’t have to be labor-intensive. Platforms like Movable Ink and Taggstar work together, making it easy for marketers to tap into data sources and bring important details like popularity, stock volumes, reviews and more directly into your campaigns.