3 E-commerce Marketing Resolutions for 2016

2016 is almost upon us. As you consider which plans and resolutions to make (and break), why not take a look at the emerging e-commerce marketing trends for the year ahead!

We teamed up with Olapic for a deep-dive into current UK and US consumer attitudes towards digital marketing, and predicted what we’re likely to see next year.

Consumers are looking for targeted, personalized multi-channel communication

54% would consider ending a retailer relationship if they are not given tailor-made, relevant content and offers.

When it comes to e-commerce marketing, one size doesn’t fit all. To make a positive brand impression, marketers need to produce quality messaging, which is relevant and timely for each individual. To achieve this, marketers are utilizing technology to become experts on each of their customers – capturing endless amounts of data and turning it into powerful customer-centric campaigns across email, social, display and search.

Consumers are looking for improved customer experience

36% of UK internet users are now prepared to purchase via social media.

Regardless of device or marketing channel, consumers expect their buying experience to be easy and intuitive, wherever they discover your product. For example, consumers engaging with your emails on a mobile device expect more than responsive design. They expect the post-click experience be optimized for mobile, whether that be deep-linking to apps, or paying through text message.

Consumers trust content and recommendations from other consumers

Conversion rate is 5.5 times higher after clicking a personalized recommendation.

Consumers are no longer relying on professional product imagery to influence their purchase decisions. Reviews, ratings and user-generated images have all become key influencers. This year we have seen marketers start to experiment with this new, valuable content source, including it on product pages, in emails and in online advertising.

For even more statistics, insights and predictions, download the full infographic.