Monthly Archives: March 2012

HackNY Student Hackathon

Over the weekend we presented Movable Ink at the HackNY Student Hackathon.  There was a huge turnout (over 300 people) and everyone packed into the lecture hall to hear about APIs from some great startups.

HackNY API Presentations

Afterwards the students went to work on a 24-hour non-stop coding session to build interesting products using the APIs, and when the dust settled some really interesting hacks had emerged.  Among the awesome hacks presented were a cloud-coordinated loudspeaker system, an RFID food orderer, and an unholy combination of every API with Nyan Cat, but our favorite hack used our very own Movable Ink API along with the Foursquare API.

SquareSig is a hack by Misha Ponizil that brings your foursquare checkins directly into your email.  With just a few clicks you can get a map of all your latest checkins right in your email signature.  Even better, Misha built the entire thing in the last 4 hours of the hackathon!

SquareSig screenshot

To see Misha’s awesome presentation, check out the HackNY LiveStream and skip to 130:50.

New feature: Fallback images

Today, we launched a new feature to every app called “Fallback”.

In rare situations, an email may not be able to communicate with our servers making your  dynamic image assets unavailable. In this scenario, a static fallback image is served instead. The default for every app is a single invisible pixel.

Adding a custom fallback image ensures that an attractive and properly sized image will always show up. Image fallback is available for all our plans. We suggest you take a few minutes to set this up for your mission-critical email apps.

Fallback button on an app edit page:


New Premium App: Geo-targeter

Have you ever wanted to show different email content based on where your customers open an email?  With our new Geo-targeter app you can display an image based on the location of the recipient – someone who opens the email in New York can see a different offer than a customer in Ohio.

Simply choose the area you’d like to target (country, state), upload your desired image, and input a landing page URL. Movable Ink will recognize where the email is opened in real-time and show the correct image and landing page.

Geo-targeter is available to our Premium customers.  Not a Premium customer yet?  Click here to request an invite to Premium and enjoy the following benefits:

  • High volume pricing
  • White glove account management
  • Custom application development
  • Private app serving domain
  • Live streaming
  • Access to apps with more flexible targeting rules

Go forth and geo-target!

New Apps: Feed + Social Chatter

We’ve been hard at work building new features that allow users to auto-generate content in a matter of minutes.  Here are two new apps that launched today!

  • Feed:  Quickly pull live RSS feeds into your emails.  

    Already sharing updates with customers in your blog?  Keep your customers up-to-date by integration that information with your emails.  Simply point our app at your blog’s RSS feed to populate the most recent feed into your emails. 

    Here’s the app in action pulling in the first result from the Google News RSS feed: 

Display images to show real-time content

  • Social Chatter:  Easily add social media chatter about your brand or any keyword into your emails. 

    Wish you could showcase the social media conversation about your event or company in an email campaign?  Just enter a search term into the Social Chatter app to pull in results for that term from Twitter (Facebook and Google Plus to follow). 

    Here’s the most recent post using the keyword “#SXSW”:

Display images to show real-time content

We’re excited to enhance the ability for our users to quickly create email content.  Check out the new apps and easy setup instructions at 

We hope you like the new features!