Monthly Archives: December 2011

New app: Device Targeter

The people you reach via email live life on the go.  What if your email content could adapt to the device someone is using to read it? Device targeting does just that and we’ve made the App a snap to use.  

How can you use this?
1.) A private sale site could drive people to download their iPhone app 
2.) A retailer could create a simple promotional message with a single click call-to-action optimized for phone or tablet.

Device Targeting is available, starting today, to all of our customers. A fresh approach to email marketing

Looking for ways to stand out in a sea of e-mail promotions? A Web-based service called Movable Ink offers several apps that can jazz up e-mails with real-time content. On the Movable Ink site, you can create a countdown timer to encourage customers to take action during a sale. Then, simply copy and paste the provided HTML code into the body of an e-mail. You can also add live posts from your company’s Twitter feed or include a map pinpointing your business. When people open the e-mail, the map will be centered on their current location.