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eWeek: 10 Innovative Startups That Rocked the Under the Radar Conference

On Oct. 10 at the Microsoft campus in Mountain View, Calif., 29 hand-picked startups flew in from all over the world to showcase their wares to an audience of potential customers, partners and investors at Under the Radar. Judges included executives from Intuit, Google, NetSuite, Microsoft, Visa, Qualcomm,, Best Buy, American Express, Etsy, Anthem Worldwide, ADP and others. This event was similar to speed dating; companies got only a few minutes onstage to tell their stories in front of industry VIPs before it was the next company’s turn. Through an intense vetting process for this twice-a-year event, Dealmaker Media selects startups with some of the industry’s most innovative business models to present to experts and executives looking to partner with and acquire new technologies. These startups are inventing new solutions in analytics, retail, human resources, sales, customer engagement and more. This eWEEK slide show rounds up of some of the most interesting new companies to survive this grueling process. The list is in no particular order.

InformationWeek: 12 Tech Startups to watch, for SMBs

Personalization now means much more than including a customer or prospect’s name in your marketing communications. The Movable Ink platform enables online marketers to address a growing challenge: How to keep email communications from aging exponentially from the first second they’re sent. The tool adds live, dynamic content to email that changes based on geo-location, social context, when the message is opened, and customizable business rules. The goal: Personalized, relevant, and timely content that won’t go straight to the trash folder.

“Movable Ink has said: That’s crazy, why should daily deal sites be the only ones that can create that?” Landa said. “Anything that a big site like Groupon can do [email marketing], you can do, too.”

Techcrunch: Movable Ink launches service to stream live content into emails

Real-time email marketing company Movable Ink recently launched a service that could dynamically change emails after they have been sent out. The technology can change emails based on time of open, recipient’s current location, social cues, fast-moving inventory, and more, and works across all email clients (Gmail, Outlook, iPhone, Yahoo, etc.)

Marketing Sherpa: Interactive Email

Interactive Email: 6 tactics to leverage the influence of social reinforcement

Vivek Sharma, founder, Moveable Ink, pointed out that people interact with email campaigns alone, unlike with social media. If the content piques the recipients’ interests, they typically won’t consult anyone, but rather click on the offer to find out more. 

Sharma said, “If you can add social signals, they can act as really persuasive elements inside traditional email campaigns.“