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CMSWire: Your inbox in real-time

Countless Web kids have been asserting the death of e-mail for some time now, but my inbox hardly ever fails to bog me down. Confused? Vivek Sharma, co-founder and CEO if Movable Ink, explains it like this: “E-mail isn’t going away but it should be as real-time as the web.” Accordingly, his solution provides a way to push e-mails that display  current information— regardless of the time they’re opened.

GigaOm: Movable Ink breathes life into e-mail

Boom. Ryan Kim writes about Movable Ink on GigaOm.

E-mail is far from dead, if my packed inbox is any indication. But not being dead isn’t the same as being alive in the way we’ve come to understand the web. While the web is interactive and dynamic, e-mail reflects very little of that evolution.

But a New York company is trying to breathe new life into e-mail marketing by making e-mails real-time and context aware. Movable Ink offers advertisers and publishers a way to push out e-mails that remain current whenever a user opens it instead of existing e-mails that become increasingly irrelevant and stale the longer time goes on.

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Forrester covers Movable Ink

Research firm Forrester recently published a report on “Emerging Innovations in Email Marketing”. They covered how companies are using real-time content (specifically Movable Ink) to create more engaging email content:

Static email content to evolve into real-time, Web-like pushes. By refreshing content in real- time upon open, marketers can avoid presenting stale content or expired deals and instead spotlight urgency drivers such as counts of remaining items in stock, integrate up-to-the-minute social posts, and even use the opener’s geolocation for content decisioning. Working with vendor Movable Ink, daily deal aggregator Redeemio optimizes email content when a recipient opens the email, a tactic that has generated a 17% lift in click-through rates compared with the static version (see Figure 3).

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