A Sneak Peek of Verizon at Think Summit

Our team sat down with Michael Habib, Digital Channel Manager at Verizon, to learn his best marketing tips and talk to #emailgeeks across the Twitterverse. It turns out our followers had a lot of great advice to share, and we even got a preview of Michael’s Think Summit keynote. Continue reading

Ink5_ ADT

The Inkredible 5: ADT

How do you encourage customers to increase their usage? ADT wanted to show new users how much they’ve used their security systems so far and encourage them to amp things up. They needed to make sure their email was an engaging and helpful way to welcome users into the ADT family and knew data visualization was the way to go. Out of the new users, 82% found the email helpful, and the campaign increased open rates by 300%.
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Ink5_ Weight Watchers UK

The Inkredible 5: Weight Watchers UK

How do you make sure each of your members feels special? Weight Watchers UK wanted a scalable way to make sure each new member felt connected and engaged. A limited-time offer was the way to go, but it needed feel exclusive and personal to each and every recipient. Continue reading

Ink5_ Philosophy

The Inkredible 5: Philosophy

How do you encourage your audience to participate? Philosophy was wrapping up the first of their brand new loyalty program and wanted to make sure their subscribers were participating and ready to earn some points. But the design-savvy brand wanted something much more engaging and personalized than an ordinary recap email. Continue reading