5 Pride Emails That Are Worth Celebrating

5 Pride Emails That Are Worth Celebrating

We couldn’t stop at just one. With national Pride Month coming to an end, we’re looking back on some of our favorite emails. Since Pride is all about representation, it’s even more important to get your message and images just right; and these emails are some of the best and brightest we’ve seen so far. Continue reading

Email Spotlight

Email Spotlight: HotelTonight

Each year, we see Pride campaigns miss the mark by falling back on stereotypes. When you’re talking about a celebration that’s all about representation, you have to make sure your message is on point, and HotelTonight nailed it with a personalized email that’s worth celebrating. Continue reading

5 GDPR Emails We Love

5 GDPR Emails We Love

We’ve all had standard issue GDPR compliance emails flooding our inboxes. You know the type: a few paragraphs copy and pasted directly from a legal department, without a trace of a brand voice or personality. They basically serve as a reminder of the random newsletters and services we forgot we ever signed up for. When companies consider these emails as housekeeping they’re missing out on a great opportunity. Continue reading

4 Ways to Get Your Audience to %22Binge-Watch%22 Your Messages

4 Ways to Get Your Audience to “Binge-Watch” Your Messages

It’s a paradox: The age of instant gratification is also the age of binge-watching. Email marketers have heard that they must make an instant connection with recipients or risk losing them forever. Yet these same recipients – who will blithely ignore even the most compelling subject lines – may not think twice about watching entire seasons of “Game of Thrones” or “Orange is the New Black” over a weekend. Continue reading

Congratulations to Movable Ink’s Amber Britton, Winner of the Marketing EDGE 2018 Rising Star Award!

It’s no secret that Movable Ink’s CX organization is the best at what they do. We have 60+ CX professionals helping our worldwide roster of 500+ clients see fantastic results with intelligent content every day. And just recently, one of our brightest CX stars was recognized for her outstanding efforts in the field. A big congratulations to Amber Britton, who was awarded the EDGE Rising Star Award from Marketing EDGE! Continue reading

GDPR Is the best thing to happen to personalization

GDPR is the Best Thing to Happen to Personalization

So, you made sure your company is GDPR compliant. Now what? Don’t let the companies that are dragging their feet scare you, because GDPR isn’t the end of the world as we know it. It’s actually a golden opportunity to revamp your personalization and make it better than ever. Continue reading